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Color Me Mine is one of my favorite things to do. I love going there with my family. It isn’t just painting a vase or something. When we go it is family time. We talk, laugh and help each other. I love Color Me Mine.

If you aren’t familiar with Color Me Mine, Color Me Mine is a family-friendly place where you go and paint ceramics. You chose your paints, ceramics, and there are even stamps! After you finish, Color Me Mine puts your creations in a kiln. You wait a week for your creations to get dry and glazed, then you pick them up.

“I want this one! Wait!… No! This one!” Every time we go to Color Me Mine we always go straight to the ceramics. It takes us about ten minutes to find the perfect one. We ask each other opinions and what we like the most. Finally, when we settle down with our ceramics and paints, we get started.

My recent visit was my dad’s first time at Color Me Mine. Usually my mom, Jared and I go together. Its like a special bonding place for us. But, it was so much fun with my dad. Who would’ve known he would love it?  He is usually the sporty, not-really artistic type. But he loved it. It was so funny to see my dad concentrate so hard, and worrying about fixing every single flaw. We made jokes, and talked, as a family. Even with Chelsea. That was my favorite time we went to Color Me Mine.

Color Me Mine is one of my favorite bonding places. To some people, its relaxing, its independence, its just art. But to the Palkers, it is a symbol of good times we will never forget.

photo credit: Empty Bowls Project 2015 (Saline, Michigan) via photopin (license)

Holly Rizzuto Palker


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