The School Talent Show

The School Talent Show

The past two weeks were hectic. They were loaded with commitments to The School Talent Show, my daughter’s ten-year-old birthday party and my two-year-old’s decision to start potty training without my consent.

After The School Talent Show’s tech rehearsal, the fancy ten-year-old birthday party and the fact that my third child pooped on the potty for the very first time, my brain hurt. I don’t know how describe the feeling of brain hurt. All I can say is that it was a throb on the top of my head which left me to wonder if I had an ailment more serious than stress. There was no time to linger on that worry. The School Talent Show still loomed ahead.

My husband said I was acting as if I ran a Fortune 500 company. Papers strewn. Home late every night. Certainly it was nothing of that magnitude, but it was The School Talent Show. Did he understand the pressure? What if I messed up? I would’ve be banished to years of interaction with fellow moms knowing that I might’ve missed their kids’ cues and possibly more. That’s some scary stuff.

Stress comes in many forms and takes its toll just the same. In my world, being one of three women in charge of running The School Talent Show was stressful. So, I needed to write this quick piece. A small vice considering alternative forms of stress relief.

I’m happy to finally report that running The School Talent Show was well worth my time. Along with the stress came reignited sparks of my childhood and early adult passion. I have always loved the theater.

The theater, in any form, causes adrenaline to pump in overdrive and fear to descend in the days and moments leading up to the big event. The magic happens once the show begins and we all let go, giving into the moment. POOF! – a euphoric feeling for all involved when it goes just right – even if it is just The School Talent Show. We felt the magic and the smiling faces on the children and the sense of accomplishment that they felt was the most fulfilling part. I loved every minute of being involved in such a gratifying event. I’m also happy to report that my brain hurt has subsided.

Thanks for checking out this post. What are your thoughts?