We’re Not Going to Disney World

We’re Not Going to Disney World

We were supposed to go to Disney World today. Instead, I’m at the coffee shop writing.

I just had to get out of the germ infested infirmary that we call our house. Each floor of the house is occupied by a pathetic excuse for a patient. I’ve been head nurse since last Friday. My kitchen counter looks like a pharmacy. The smell of chicken soup fills the air. I collect snotty tissues from couches and beds and disinfect (with Lysol) all remote controls and devices every half hour on the hour.

When I really sit to think about it – would I rather be in Disney right now or writing at the coffee shop?

The Top Five Reasons I’m Happy Our Disney Trip was Postponed

  1. I get to spend time writing in the coffee shop instead of waiting in line to meet the Frozen Princesses.
  2. I get to use my new Peloton Bike instead of walking around the Magic Kingdom for hours to get exercise.
  3. I delay packing suitcases. This instead of doing loads of laundry for extra bottoms in anticipation of the pee pee accidents that will inevitably happen as I wait on bathroom lines at Disney.
  4. I will take a hot bath tonight after everyone goes to sleep drowning in their own mucous. This, instead of being drenched by Splash Mountain.
  5. I get to sleep in my own room (by myself) in a king sized bed (my husband is quarantined in the guest room) instead of in a hotel room with my family. This will only be until 2:00 am when each child comes in the bed with a fever, moaning. But, it’s something.

If all goes well, we will leave on Monday for Disney. Fingers crossed. Yesterday the doctor said they have the flu. They all had the flu shot. I, on the other hand, did not. I’m the last man standing…


4 Responses

  1. Karen Jackson
    | Reply

    So sorry to hear you’re all sick! Thinking of you – Karen

  2. One Funny Motha
    | Reply

    Sorry everyone is sick, but your plans sound way better than Disney.

    • Holly Rizzuto Palker
      | Reply

      I did enjoy my writing time…and now we are off to Disney two days later. The best of both worlds!

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